Proposal to install speed cushions on Devonshire Road

Proposed NOI (Reference Number PR0520) – Notice of Intention to install speed cushions on Devonshire Road, Cambridge.  Closing date for comment is 6 February 2019.

Details are on the Cambs county council website at:

(scroll down and there are links to the plan and press release)

In correspondence with the council they have indicated that they plan to check the average road speeds before and after the cushions are installed to check whether they are effective in reducing speeds to 20mph.

Low height cushions have been chosen to reduce the impact on vehicles. In addition there will be gaps either side of the cushion so as not to impede cycles.


Noisy neighbours

If you have unreasonably noisy neighbours, here are some steps you can take:

  1. If you feel confident about doing this, have a word with them face to face. Explain how the noise is making you feel and affecting your life (they may simply not have considered this). Ask them to adhere to some basic rules, such as notifying neighbours in advance of holding a party; avoiding holding outdoor parties late at night Sunday to Thursday; keeping noise levels low, and windows and doors closed after midnight (or earlier).
  2. Contact the City Council Environmental Health team on 01223 457 900 during office house or 0300 303 8389 (7pm to 7am Thursday to Sunday, and 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday). The Council website sets out in detail how they handle complaints.
  3. If your neighbours are students at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), contact the ARU accommodation office on 01223 417 734 (during office hours) to log a complaint. ARU has undertaken to be more proactive in briefing students at the beginning of their tenancy about being good neighbours, and taking action against students who cause continued nuisance.