Devonshire Rd

20 Devonshire Road (Carlyle House)

Normally the residents association doesn’t get involved in domestic planning applications, but 20 Devonshire Rd is a ‘feature house’, being the largest single home on the road. Its redevelopment is therefore likely to be of interest to the wider public.

The purchaser is a developer who plans to renovate and subdivide the house and workshops into four one-bedroom flats, a two-bedroom flat, and a one-bedroom maisonette. The front elevation will remain largely unchanged.

It is unclear how many of the the flats will count as new properties, and therefore how many occupiers will be eligible for residents parking permits; the developer believes it will be three; a council officer indicated it will be none.

Planning consent was granted on 5 October 2016.

See planning application (Reference: 16/1281/FUL)

See detailed plans

If you have any questions, please contact Kieran Mahon at kieranmahon(at)

Mill Road Butchers

The Mill Road Butchers on the corner of Mill Road and Devonshire Road is being redeveloped, with the out buildings on Devonshire Road being converted into two maisonettes.


See planning application (Reference: 15/0823/FUL)

See developer’s website

4 Devonshire Road

A planning application has been approved for alterations to the community hall (mosque) on Devonshire Road.

Of particular note is the following (in the Design and Access Statement):

The anticipated uses will include the following, but will not be limited to those uses, as the intention is that the building should respond to the needs of the local community:

  • Youth activities (sports, games, computer access and training, etc.)
  • Mother and toddler groups
  • Educational activities
  • Sports groups
  • Skills training
  • Facilities for older people
  • Counselling
  • Community events
  • Creche
  • After school clubs

See planning application (Reference: 15/0542/FUL)

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