Tenison Road traffic calming

Tenison Road is open at last!

One element of the scheme is still unfinished: the pedestrian crossing just to the north of Canon’s Green. The Traffic Regulation Order passed was for this to be a zebra crossing (black-and-white stripes on the ground, and Belisha beacons on each pavement). However the descriptions and drawings relating to this feature are inconsistent, which has led some residents to believe that there was to be an ‘informal’ not zebra crossing at this location.

The Cambridge Joint Area Committee, met on 14 March 2017 and voted to complete the crossing as a full zebra, with Belisha beacons and white zizag lines either side (where it is illegal to park). Details of the beacons are being worked out with officers.

Retained for reference

Karen Lunn (lead council officer) provided this update on 9 November:

The programme to finish the work will now be as follows.

Monday 14 Nov: Complete kerb works

Tuesday 15 Nov: Complete all surfacing and begin dismantling fencing and clearing site.

Wednesday 16 Nov: Apply resin sealant to block paving & begin tree pit works. Complete road marking

Thursday 17 Nov: Complete resin sealant, remove heras fencing from site, continue tree pits. Off hire storage container.

Friday 18 Nov: Finish final clearing of site, road sweeper to give final sweep to area. Reopen Tenison Rd. Any remaining tree works can be done with local TM and will not require the closure.

We are still awaiting an installation date for the Zebra crossing from BBLP.

We realise that Tenison Road normally forms part of the diversion route for the Remembrance Sunday road closure on Hills Road so we have arranged an alternative route.

Karen Lunn provided this update on 19 October:

The current plan, weather permitting, for Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th October is to resurface the carriageway between Mill Road and the Canon’s Green feature. There will be no vehicular access to this length of the road for the duration of the work and therefore no provision for parking along it. Eurovia have been liaising with residents and businesses to give them forewarning.

The work will be quite intense and noisy during this time for which we apologise but given the nature of the work is unavoidable. In order to complete the work as quickly as possible Eurovia are working to a very tight timetable that relies on everything running to plan. The intention is that they will work from 8am until 6pm on Monday. Work undertaken after 5pm will be of a quiet nature. Providing there are no hiccups with the weather, machinery breakdowns or availability of road resurfacing material you will have access to this length of road will be restored on Wednesday morning.

This work includes the reconstruction and resurfacing of the two sections of carriageway between the features. With regard to the issue of pavement overhaul that Richard mentioned we are replacing the concrete slabs along the footway on the north-west side of the road so that the footway will be level as it is rather uneven at present. On the opposite side of the road we resurfacing the footway over the extents of the features. The resurfacing of St.Barnabas Road does not form part of this scheme.

The bulk of the scheme should be completed by November 11th. To follow on from this will be the installation of the trees and Zebra crossing. It is recommended by the tree providers that the trees are not lifted from the ground until November which coincides with the end of their growing season. Balfour Beatty Living Places who will be installing the Zebra crossing have only just provided me with a cost estimate for the work so I am waiting to hear from them as to when they anticipate the installation work will take place.

Work on the long-planned traffic calming measures on Tenison Road started on 4 March, but was immediately interrupted by the need to replace a Victorian water main buried just 18″ below the road surface.

Tenison Road is closed between Mill Road and the junction with St Barnabas Road, and will remain so until 18 November 2016. This entire section of carriageway will be rebuilt and parts of the footway resurfaced.

Revised timetable

Dates Location of works
Until project end Compound at northern end of Canon’s Green
4 – 25 July Mill Rd to Felton St
21 July – 5 August Felton St to Wilkin St
4 August – 2 September Wilkin St to Canon’s Green
26 August – 26 September Mill Rd to Bolton’s Warehous
26 September – 5 October Outside King’s Church
26 September – 11 October Junciton at north corner of Canon’s Green
11 October – 18 November Mill Road to Canon’s Green

Updated construction phasing plans & timetable (3MB PDF – out of date)

Road closure

Tenison Road will be closed to through traffic between Mill Road and St Barnabas Road for the duration of the work. A diversion route from Mill Road to Station Road will be signed via Gonville Place and Hills Road. This only affects through traffic coming from the city end of Mill Road (which should not use Covent Garden or Devonshire Road as an alternative to Tenison Road). Traffic from Romsey can continue to use Devonshire Road, and traffic from the station can continue to use St Barnabas Road.

See detailed plans (3MB PDF, as amended in December 2015)

Devonshire Road

The scheme for the corner of Devonshire Road is postponed until the station works are finished.